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Braces can cause some big changes in your life, especially where sports are concerned, but Dr. Ben Frandsen and our team are happy to help you feel comfortable with your braces. If you are involved in sports, we can answer your biggest questions about playing sports with braces.

Can I play sports while I have braces?
We hear this question from patients of all ages because sports are a significant part of many patient’s lives. We do not want to you to go without sports, and we are here to achieve the smile you love without giving up your favorite sports activities. You can definitely play sports while wearing braces and do not need to worry about the braces getting in your way.

How do I protect my smile and my braces?
There is a high chance that, while you are playing sports, you can get hit in the mouth with hard, forceful objects. In order to protect your braces and your smile, we strongly encourage you to wear a mouth guard regardless of which sport you play. An orthodontic mouth guard will help to protect your smile and prevent damage to your braces.

What is an orthodontic mouth guard?
Orthodontic mouth guards are small and removable appliances comprised of rubber, silicone, or another protective material, and fits securely over your teeth and braces. This provides the protection you need if an object, knee, or elbow strikes your mouth.

There are many varieties of mouth guards to choose from, such as a boil-and-bite guard, stock mouth guard, or custom-made mouth guard. If you are interested in receiving a mouth guard that was designed specifically for your smile, come see our dentist for a fitting. We would love to provide you with a high-quality mouth guard.

What should I do if my mouth becomes injured?
If you experience dental trauma during a sports event, call our office immediately and schedule an appointment so that we can help you as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you wear a mouth guard to prevent injuries such as bleeding gums, cuts on the inside of your cheeks, broken brackets, and fractured teeth, which can result in extreme discomfort and pain.

To learn more about protecting your smile while playing sports with braces in Orem, Utah, we invite you to call 801-375-3355 today and speak with Dr. Ben Frandsen at Frandsen Orthodontics.