At Frandsen Orthodontics, we offer our orthodontics in two-phase treatment in Orem, Utah. This element of development is typically identified as early as two or three years old. Dr. Ben Frandsen usually performs treatments that will reduce future need for major orthodontic treatment. There are two stages to orthodontic care with a rest time in-between.

Stage 1: Early treatment for a lifetime of beautiful smiles
In this stage, we focus on planning for two – six-year-olds. At this age, we look for underdeveloped dental arches, harmful habits that include thumb or finger sucking, or premature loss of primary teeth. Naturally, most treatments implemented in this stage are performed to eliminate future orthodontic or orthopedic care.

Resting Period
This time is for the remaining teeth to be left alone to erupt, giving permanent teeth freedom to move. Without this freedom, teeth can be displaced or become impacted. If any teeth need removal, this is the best time to initiate the process, otherwise appointments are scheduled on a six-month basis.

Stage 2: Mixed Dentition and successful smile enhancement
This stage is the active stage of treatment and focuses on children from six – twelve-years-old. At this period, children have had their permanent incisor (front) teeth and six-year molars erupt. Dr. Ben Frandsen will then target the relationship between the jaw and teeth, regarding realignment concerns. This is generally a pivotal time to start treatment, since hard and soft tissues are most responsive to orthodontic work on a child.

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