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An unattractive smile can do more than simply hamper your son or daughter’s self-esteem. As time goes on these deviations can start to wear on the tooth enamel layer of multiple teeth. It could even increase their chances of suffering chips and fractures on multiple teeth in their dentition.

Fortunately, Dr. Ben Frandsen and the associates at his orthodontic clinic can often correct these problems by installing orthodontic braces into your child’s mouth. There are different styles and variations.

The type of braces he recommends will be based on the severity of your alignment issues, as well as your personal preference.

Traditional orthodontic braces use brackets cemented to the face of your teeth. They are incorporated with a strong metal wire and often include other hardware components like bands, and spacers.

If your son or daughter is uncomfortable with visible braces hardware on their teeth, Dr. Ben Frandsen can apply a ceramic glaze to many of the components. This is a special porcelain material that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making the braces less noticeable.

After the braces have been installed in their mouth, your son or daughter will need to return to Dr. Ben Frandsen’s orthodontic clinic for periodic adjustments. Each of these appointments will gradually move their teeth one step closer to their ideal alignment.

If you live in the Orem, Utah, area and you have misaligned teeth, you should call 801-375-3355 to schedule a consultation at Frandsen Orthodontics.